3TO Combo  Bending Pliers

3TO Combo  Bending Pliers

3 in 1: round nose pliers, hook pliers, flat-nose pliers

The combi-pliers are an instrument specially developed by 3TO for the easy forming of hooks for each wire clasp.


With the round tip, first a big "U" is bent into the wire. This is then compressed in one of the four cross holes (depending on the desired hook size). The rest of the wire is simply pinched off with the side cutter and finished is the perfect, curved hook. If necessary, the hook in the rear, flat and slightly ribbed part of the pliers can be additionally compressed.

The round point can also be used to adjust and shape the clasp legs.

Material: corrosion-resistant surgical steelMaterial: stainless steel, can be sterilized in a hot air sterilizer or in an autoclave.

The pliers are suitable for all wire clips.

3TO Combo Bending Pliers

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