3TO Plus wire clip


The new 3-part wire clip from 3TO is a further development of the original 3TO clip.
The flexible wire legs automatically adapt to the nail shape and always have the correct length. The check mark bending is also a thing of the past. The pre-bent hook is only matched to the nail strength with the 3TO combination pliers. The two clasp legs are then hooked onto the edge of the nail point and clipped under the PLUS + pad fixed with the special Ortho Glue®.


3TO PLUS + ® Clamp 0.30 is made of 0.30 mm spring wire and is suitable for all nail widths from 7 mm. Use 0.30 gauge for all thicker and stronger nails. For thin and normal nails the 3TO PLUS + ® clasp 0.25 is available. Material: spring steel 0,30 mm

Contents: 6x 2 thighs with 6 PLUS + pads + 2 spare thighs for free

The 3TO PLUS + ® clasp is available without training.
Production and quality control in Germany.

3TO Plus wire clip

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