Mikrobac Forte Surface Disinfectant

Mikrobac Forte Surface Disinfectant 5L

Mikrobac forte from Bode is an aldehyde-free surface disinfectant with a broad active spectrum and very good material compatibility, thanks to its material-sensitive protection factor. This disinfectant cleaner is perfectly suitable for areas that require good cleaning power and a low-odour disinfection. Mikrobac forte can easily be combined with the BODE X-Wipes dispenser system.

Product Details for Mikrobac forte

  • Surface disinfectant with good cleaning power
  • Concentrate to make up a working solution
  • Aldehyde-free
  • Broad active spectrum
  • High material compatibility thanks to a material-sensitive protection factor
  • Ingredients: quaternary ammonium compounds and amines
  • Low-odour formulation
  • Economical; low concentration required
  • VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) listed, listed in the IHO (German Association of Hygiene and Surface Protection Industries) List of Virucidal Products
  • 5 litre canister


Active Spectrum of Mikrobac forte:

  • Bactericide
  • Yeasticide
  • Tuberculocide
  • Limited virucide (including HBV, HIV, HCV)
  • Effective against noroviruses, SARS, adenoviruses, polyomaviruses and rotaviruses


Applications of Mikrobac forte Surface Disinfectant

To clean and disinfect washable surfaces in medical facilities (doctors' surgeries, care homes, hospitals), as well as medical devices and equipment, according to MDD.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information prior to use.

Mikrobac Forte Surface Disinfectant

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