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3TO side Cutter

 3TO side Cutter


The side cutter is suitable for all 3TO clasps and 3TO loops as well as podofix® and COMBIped®. Other wire clips up to 0.45 mm wire thickness can also be easily processed with it.


3TO side cutter may only be used for clip processing and does not come into contact with the patient. The 3TO side cutter should not be treated in a sterilizer or autoclave as there is a risk of blade dulling and breakage. It is cleaned before each application in the disinfecting bath spray disinfection or disinfection wipes and can also be treated in an ultrasonic bath.


3TO side cutterMaterial: Surgical steel with inserted carbide cutting edges, can be sterilized in a hot air sterilizer or in an autoclave.,

3TO side Cutter

SKU: 2630
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