Prontoman  Disinfection 250 ml

ProntoMan Spray Disinfection


For the pre-treatment and decontamination the feet.

Decontamination at the beginning of each treatment.

Antifungal and antimicrobial protection (including MRSA).

Gentle, soft, atraumatic softening of callus skin, particularly around the sulcus area.Infection prevention after visiting saunas and swimming pools.ProntoMan® - the 1st care range with MRSA protection. MRSA are bacteria that can no longer be killed by conventional antibiotics. They get into open wounds via direct body contact and can cause severe infections. This often results in amputation or organ failure. Those with a weak immune system, such as those suffering from diabetes, are particularly at risk. The new ProntoMan® care range decontaminates the pathogens, thus helping to avoid infections.Due to their dermatologically non-hazardous ingredients, ProntoMan® products are skin-friendly, even for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. All of our products can be used without a time limitation. Despite its mild formula, ProntoMan® reliably and painlessly removes disease and infection pathogens, without drying the skin. ProntoMan® foam regulates and stabilises stressed skin and also protects against foot and nail fungus pathogens, particularly following visits to the swimming pool or sauna.

Prontoman Disinfection 250 ml

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