Spirularin HS Lip cream

Spirularin HS Cream: microalgae active protection for herpes sensitive lips

and velvety soft skin feeling with additional sun protection factor 10ml


  • Antiviral, antifungal & antibacterial protection of micro-algae extract Spiralin
  • 100% natural, clear drying & neutral tasting cream
  • Clinically proven superior results to common pharmaceutical alternative Acyclovir
  • High-quality nourishing ingredients to restore natural protection barrier & help reduce outbreaks
  • Added SPF-15 protection against common cold sore trigger, being UV-exposure
  • Gentle & topical application – no side effects!
  • Ideal for low/weak immune systems i.e. children (3+yrs), the elderly, during pregnancy or breastfeeding


Application: Apply twice daily (day and night) and before each sunbath. Spirularin®HS can also be safely used by children, diabetics, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Spirularin HS Lip cream

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