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Spirularin Mousse 125 ml

Spirularin MOUSSE Cream Foam with Spiralin and Urea 125ml

for very dry skin - incredibly creamy, incredibly soft!

Like all Spirularin products, the mousy care foam is based on the patented microalgae ingredient Spiralin . This ensures in the deep skin layers for a regenerative skin improvement.

With its wonderfully creamy consistency, it spreads very easily and penetrates the skin at lightning speed , 10% urea for an improvement in the moisture-resistance of the skin. 

Spirularin MOUSSE can be applied to the whole body - not just on the feet! Also elbows, knees, shins or other dry skin regions benefit from the regenerative repair effect of the microalgae complex - a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin can already occur after one week! 


Application: Apply twice daily on skin or feet

Spirularin Mousse 125 ml

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