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Starter Set PodoFix

Starter Set PodoFix


The podofix® active adhesive brace is an innovative method for gentle nail correction. The clasp is glued to the nail and activated by twisting the integrated wire. Due to the incorporated wire, it is particularly strong. Depending on the case, the pulling force can be adjusted individually from light to extremely strong.

Also for pain-sensitive patients, diabetics or children, the podofix® active adhesive brace is an optimal treatment option for ingrown and rolled-up nails. This clip can also be set if the nail edge is not accessible or there is inflammation.
The podofix® complete set contains all the materials you need for application. All instruments, glue, sealing material and podofix® braces in sizes S, M and L are included for a total of 16 treatments. In addition, a detailed training DVD and instructions for safe use are included.

  • 4x podofix® size S (16 mm)
  • 8x podofix® size M (19 mm)
  • 4x podofix® size L (22 mm),
  • Podofix  tension tool
  • Side cutter
  • Glue (7ml)
  • PediGel
  • 3TO-Microlampe
  • Spatula
  • Cleaning swabs
  • instructions for use
  • Training DVD

information brochures for patients

advertising poster
Of course, all parts can also be purchased individually.




Starter Set PodoFix

SKU: 7500
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