UV-ozone Shoe Sterilizer

UV-ozone Shoe Sterilizer


Let excess moisture (such as rain and snow drip out of your shoes first before you put the shoe sterilizer in. Usually wet shoes such as after a workout or rain shower, dry within an hour.) If they are not dry after that time, let the UV ozone shoe sterilizer / dryer set for a longer period of time - the drying function switches off automatically after 1.5 hours (also manually stopping earlier). 

The UV-OZON shoe sterilizer / dryer set has a fixed dry temperature of 45 degrees and can therefore be used non-stop. The bottom of the UV-OZON shoe cleaner / dryer set feels good warm so make sure that children can not touch it!


Ideal for sterilizing, drying and deodorizing shoes, boots and sports shoes. Also indispensable on winter sports, namely dry and disinfect your ski and snowboard shoes! By using the Clean & Green UV ozone shoe steriliser / dryer set every day, you will prevent sweaty feet, athlete's foot, fungal nails and eczema. You wash clothes every day, but shoes can not be washed in the washing machine, but you also need to be cleaned regularly. Can also be used to make molds free of fungi (they will not be killed in the washing machine at 60 degrees).


If you already suffer from one of the above complaints, treat all your shoes, boots, slippers etc with the UV ozone shoe steriliser. 


Place the UV ozone shoe steriliser / dryer in both shoes and plug it into the socket. Thanks to the combination of UV light in a certain frequency and the ozone, your shoes are bacteria-free and mold-free after 10 minutes.


Size: 21 x 7 cm, suitable for shoes from size 37. 
Set of 2 pieces 
Consumption: 12W so energy efficient 
Ozone emission: 0.01 ppm - 0.05 ppm = within the European Safety Standard (not dangerous for your health!)

UV-ozone Shoe Sterilizer

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