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           Estetik foot care clinic situated in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, is a leading clinic in the country which uses the machine approach in footcare. Combined with vast knowledge and experience of our practitioners, this approach makes it possible to address all aspects of foot health and solve various unsightly and uncomfortable problems.

          Each of the numerous attachments used with the machine is designed to solve a particular problem, which makes the treatment especially effective and safe.
          This special machine approach provides a unique treatment which is completely painless and minimally traumatic and results in a complete overhaul of yo
ur feet. Attending a machine pedicure session, you can expect a practitioner to:


  • File and shape your nails which will result in perfectly cared for nails that will no longer break, split or peel.

  • Remove calluses, corns and rough skin from toes and heels.

  • Treat cracked heels.

  • Treat thickened nails and reshape crooked nails to relieve pressure and make them look more attractive

  • Reconstruct damaged nails using special therapeutic gels.

  • Treat in-grown toe nails in a non-surgical way by carefully freeing and grinding out sharp corners to relieve pain and pressure.

  • Remove fungal spores from under the front edge of the nail

  • Polish and buff your feet and toe nails to put a finishing touch to the procedure and ensure that feet feel smooth and baby-soft.

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