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1. Do you issue any certificates on completion of courses?

On successful completion of a course, all participants will be issued with a Baher-authorised certificate.

2. Where are the courses run?

All training courses are run in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary in a working clinic, which makes it possible for us to supply model in order to address a range of foot and hand care related issues which may arise. Training on your premises can be arranged provided you have necessary equipment. The fee will have to be adjusted accordingly.

3. Is pre-payment required in order to take part in a course?

​Yes, normally we look for 80% pre-payment because we provide trainees with course notes prior to on-site training. After the notes have been posted, we arrange dates for the actual training.

4. Is it possible to pay for the course in installments?

Unfortunately, Estetik Ltd is not able to offer its trainees an installment payment plan at the moment.

5. How often are the courses run?

The courses are available throughout the year and each training session is arranged individually as we try our best to work around your schedule.

6. When is it the best time to get trained?

We advise that the best time for taking a course is during the autumn and winter months as it will give the trainee time to practice over the winter and spring months and prepare themselves for the busy summer season. Please call the Clinic to enquire on upcoming available training dates.

7. Is equipment included in the price of training?

No, the course prices include training fees only. However, all our trainees can avail of a 5% discount on all orders during a 12-month period after completion of a course with Estetik Ltd.

8. How much investment is needed in order to set up a machine pedicure/manicure clinic?

Your most important investment will undoubtedly be the machine. Its type will determine the amount of money you will need to spend. A good machine with vacuum suction costs approx 1500-2000 Euros. Its reliability and versatility offset the initial high cost of purchasing. Non- suction electric files costs are approx 300 - 400 Euros. However, they are not suitable for working during prolonged periods and are mostly used by nail technicians and manicure specialists rather than in machine pedicure where treatments tend to be more intensive. In addition, it is necessary to purchase a set of rotating instruments for use with the machine. This depends on the type of foot and hand care issues you want to work with. During the training course, you will have a chance to work with all types of rotating instruments and will be able to decide for yourself what to purchase for your clinic. While a specialist chair is not necessary for machine pedicure treatments, it is highly recommended to purchase one as it improves working conditions (prevention of back pain, easy access to all parts of the client’s feet) and improves client comfort level.

9. What can I expect to charge for a treatment?

Machine pedicure specialists charge 60 Euros per treatment, which lasts 1-1 1/2 hrs and include a thorough overhaul of the client’s feet. Nail polish, SHELLAC and gel treatments are charged at an extra cost.

Machine manicure treatment normally costs 30 Euros excluding nail polish, gel or SHELLAC.

10. Is there much demand for this type of treatment?

The machine approach ensures excellent results and therefore is very popular in places where it is available. Summer seems to be a busier time, however, people who realise the benefits of well looked after feet and hands tend to become regular customers. Our ex-trainees who introduced the machine approach alongside the normal spa manicure/pedicure

also report that their clients prefer the machine approach.

11. Is it easy to purchase supplies for a machine pedicure/manicure clinic in Ireland?

Estetik Ltd works with leading manufacturers and suppliers of products for nail technicians, podiatrists, chiropodists, beauticians. Therefore we can take care of all your needs from consumables, creams and cosmetics to instruments, equipment and furniture.

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