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Foot care device BAEHR TEC S 2000 spray technology Ultra light - powerful illumination - perfect ergonomics

The core: Almost wear-free, brushless dual-head compressor of the latest generation particularly long service life low power consumption of only approx.

80 watts Precision magnetic pump for consistent interval spray excellent efficiency Operating hours counter and service interval display

The S 2000 with titanium handpiece: Handpiece with built-in on/off button super bright 10-LED all-round light ring, adjustable in three brightness levels Feather-light 129 g and only 134 mm short wrist-friendly ergonomics high-quality processing in titanium simple change of cutters and grinders thanks to automatic clamping Completely new working feeling: thanks to the integrated water/air cooling system, only little heat development on the handpiece including handpiece holder on the device strong, brushless micro-motor with electrical readjustment clockwise/counterclockwise rotation with easy-clean collet 3 memory functions for individual storage of favorite settings 11 adjustable spray levels (6 directly selectable) 35 adjustable rotation levels (8 directly selectable) true electronic level control color display.


Only 2.2 kg total weight, medical device according to RL 93/42 EWG class 2a, Made in Germany, 2 year guarantee Ergonomic: Experience a completely new working feeling with the water/air cooling integrated in the handpiece, which ensures a pleasant hand feeling during work without heat development. In the TEC S 2000, 10 LEDs are used at the tip of the handpiece, which illuminate the working area on the foot perfectly and without shadows. The micro-motor of the handpiece generates up to 40,000 powerful revolutions per minute in increments of 1,000 at the touch of a button or directly selectable - infinitely variable with the optional foot pedal if desired. Completely low-vibration, of course, including three MEMORY buttons for storing individual settings.

Lighter: The proverbial power pack weighs just around 2.2 kg and is up to around 50% lighter than conventional spray technology foot care devices. It is therefore ideal for mobile use. Thanks to its very low weight (approx. 129 g light) and extremely compact dimensions (approx. 134mm short), the high-quality titanium handpiece (with on/off button) is completely gentle on the wrist - we are particularly proud of the fact that it is a is currently the lightest and shortest spray technology titanium handpiece on the market. With approx. 150 cm long and highly flexible supply line.


Quieter: The S 2000 works almost as quietly as a whisper at around 45 db, which is barely audible. You can talk to your patients during the treatment in an acoustically pleasant atmosphere, as the device contributes to a relaxed treatment ambience. The device also has six different tones that inform you of the settings you have made and make working safe and easy. And if you want to do without sounds, you can simply switch them off.

More economical: The S 2000 has an intelligent Green Power useful part. With a low power consumption compared to conventional devices, there is also no needless energy-consuming standby function. The technology, which only requires approx. 80 watts, has an efficient efficiency. These are just a few features, which is why we call the device, which is made of 1/3 less raw materials than conventional devices, a real energy-saving miracle. That's what we call sustainable environmental protection.

Hygiene and cleaning: Due to the particularly high-quality materials, the entire control unit, the titanium handpiece and the supply line can be completely disinfected.


SKU: 23000
  • Dimensions of control unit W x D x H in mm 277 x 225 x 110

    Weight approx. 2.2 kg

    Length of handpiece 117 mm

    Weight of handpiece 99 g

    Voltage of control unit 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz

    Idle speed 6,000-40,000 (r/min.)

    A 2000 suction power (max. vacuum) -100 mbar

    Turbine fan efficiency up to 1,000 l/min.

    Suction volume (min. power) 48 db

    Suction volume (max. power) 55 db

    Housing Plastic, painted white, disinfectant-proof

    Display Colour display

    Warranty 1 year (except for wear parts)

    Medical device in accordance with Directive 93/42 EEC Class 2a

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