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Cotton Applicators for KART Footcare

The cotton applicator is designed specifically for convenience when performing pedicures using the KART method. An applicator is required when applying Extra Liquid Remover or Extra Gel Remover. The dense texture of the applicator holds well and does not absorb the product, preventing it from spreading beyond the boundaries of application. The convenient shape allows you to place the applicator on the foot. If necessary, it can be divided into several layers, which will save use several times.


– For convenient use together with Extra Liquid Remover or Extra Gel Remover
– Dense texture, resulting in economical use of the applicator and product
– If necessary, you can divide the applicator into several layers
– Convenient shape
– 100% cotton
– Applicator size 80 x 60 mm
– Compact and convenient packaging

Cotton Applicators for KART Footcare

SKU: 70301
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