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Cutasept Feet disinfectant


Cutasept Feet Disinfectant

Alcoholic foot spray with 2-fold effect: invigorating freshness for stressed feet and for prophylaxis against athlete's foot.

Free of perfumes and dyes, extremely skin-friendly.

Undiluted on the skin, spray socks or shoes.

Anti-bacterial, fungi (C. albicans) and viruses (limited veridical)

Effective against foot-borne pathogens found on the skin, and effective as an effect client prophylaxis against wart formation

Deodorizing and sweat inhibiting.

Cools, refreshes and invigorates. VAH. listed, contact time: from 15 sec.

Product Details

  • Works quickly and extensively
  • Good long-term effect
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Good adhesion to wound films
  • Very economical thanks to application aids
  • Effective against bacteria (including MRSA), fungi, tuberculosis, some viruses (including HBV, HIV, HCV) and rotavirus

Cutasept Feet disinfectant

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