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Ultraviolet irradiator-recirculator DEZAR-2

is intended for air decontamination in premises with category III-V: treatment and prevention facilities (operating rooms, burn care rooms, doctors' and patients' rooms, etc.), and is also successfully used as the final element in the sanitary-hygienic complex of measures in a room make-ready procedure. But its main purpose — work in premises where constant maintenance of aseptic conditions in the presence of people is needed.


People who value their own health and the health of their children install in their houses at least one recirculator which runs continuously while there is at least one person at home.

The absence of direct UV-rays and ozone makes recirculators DEZAR absolutely safe for use in the presence of people.

Due to its original design and small size this appliance can easily fit in any interior.



Irradiator-recirculator DEZAR-2 works on ozone-free lamps Philips ® with wavelength 254 nm. UV-radiation with this wavelength offers broad spectrum of effect on microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Lamp bulbs have a special coating which catches radiation shorter than 200 nm, thus preventing ozone formation in the air and extending the service life of lamps up to 9000 hours at the same time.

The radiation from the lamps is enough to destroy all microorganisms in the room (air disinfection efficiency, depending on recirculator model, is 95-99.9 %).

UV-radiation of high power destroys biological and organic compounds, while removing foul smells and tobacco smoke at the same time.


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