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OnyClip Starter Set

OnyClip Starter Set

When the both ends of the Onyclip strip are stuck onto the nail, the strip becomes bowed. The resulting force immediately reliefs the nail edges from pressure. The nail edges are pulled upwards which enables a quick inflammation-inhibition. The nail is flattened and easily grows over the soft tissue.
Advantages of a treatment with Onyclips are tractive force is individually adjustable (via pre-bending)

2 general force-classes by using 2 different thicknesses of Onyclip (0.10 and 0.15 mm)

Onyclip construction is re-usable for a specific patient tractive force can be adjusted to one side only

Onyclip can be applied also as a preventive means If you choose the Onyclip-technique, steps are as follows: prepare the patient´s body of the nail (e.g. flattening, cleaning) measure the width of the nail

cut the Onyclip according to the nail´s width and soften the edges in case pre-bend the Onyclip (adjust the tractive force) de-grease the Onyclip and the body of the nail put some adhesive gel to one end of the Onyclip attach the Onyclip to the nail approximal 1 Onyclip-width behind the problem area and establish contact with the help of the spatula proceed with the other end the same way

if desired use nail polish after 10-20 days modify the position of the Onyclip (reason: therapeutic outcome realized to that point) application period corresponds to the nail growth (usually several months)


Onyclip set incl.

  •  Instructions
  • 4 strips each 0.10/  0.15 mm
  • 1 measuring strip, spatula,
  • adhesive gel


OnyClip Starter Set

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