*Cream Foam Orange-Lemongrass

Cream Foam Orange-Lemongrass 125ml


Light cream foam with refreshing orange and lemongrass oil

Organic cocoa butter, hempseed oil and soy oil provide the skin with a highlevel of moisture and smooth rough and cracked areas of the skin

The combination of active ingredients comprising the extracts of ginkgo,ginseng and lemon along with 5% urea and panthenol leave dry andstrained skin velvety soft and add strength

Free of colouring agents, with a natural, PEG-free emulsifying system

A fruity and fresh scent invigorates and refreshes the sense.


Use: Shake dosage well before every use and hold uprightwhen dispensing. Use sparingly once or twice per dayand softly massage in.


Ingredients: (excerpt) urea 5%, ginkgo extract, ginseng and hempseedoil

*Cream Foam Orange-Lemongrass

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