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Estetik Ltd was established in 2013 to promote machine pedicure treatments in Ireland.  Having struggled to find a pedicurist that would meet her expectations of the treatment in Ireland, the company founder, Irina Ivanova, decided to start a clinic that would offer its clients the machine approach-based treatments which are extremely popular in continental Europe.

At Estetik Ltd we believe that healthy and well-groomed hands and feet are as important as an attractive body and face.  Our services and products are availed of by a wide range of professionals, including beauticians, nail technicians, manicurists, pedicurists as well as podiatrists and chiropodists.

The machine pedicure approach is also known as the Waterless or Dry technique because no water is used during the treatment.  A disinfectant is applied to the feet or hands and a special machine with a range of rotating instruments is used. Cutters and burrs of various sizes, shapes and grits are chosen individually for each client according to their needs. A machine manicure treatment removes dry dead cells around the nail while leaving the cuticle intact. This makes the procedure pain-free and ensures excellent results. The feet look and feel smooth and supple. calluses, corns, thickened nails and other unsightly and uncomfortable problems are easily treated. 


Alongside running a busy clinic with many satisfied clients, Estetik Ltd offers machine pedicure and manicure training courses in Ireland for individuals who wish to start a new career as a foot and hand care practitioner or established beauticians and nail technicians who want to enhance and extends their business.

Estetik Ltd is a one stop shop for salon and clinic supplies as we carry a wide range of products and can look after customers’ various needs: from gloves and masks to fully-fitted treatment rooms.  We are the official Irish supplier of Busch products, a German manufacturer of high quality rotating instruments for machines and electric files. Moreover, Estetik Ltd is Ireland’s only official distributor of BAEHR, another German company that is a  leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, materials, cosmetic and therapeutic products for podiatry, foot care, hand care and nail design distributed worldwide over 65 years.

As a company we strive to provide an excellent service and products at a great price.  Please call our Clinic to book a consultation.

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