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Nail tincture with Clotrimazole

Nail tincture with Clotrimazole

Improves nail structure. Antifungal properties. Offers preventative protection against fungal infections due to the concentration of 1% clotrimazole and is at the same time a special care treatment to visibly improve the nail structure of split and brittle nails. Beneficial ingredients such as jojoba oil and bisabolol allow the nail to regenerate, making them look smooth and shiny again.


Application: Apply regularly to the toenails in the morning and eveningand allow to absorb.
Ingredients: (Extract) Clotrimazole, jojoba oil and bisabolol.


This product is available in three sizes:

30 ml (spray) , 100 ml (spray) 

Nail tincture with Clotrimazole

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