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PACT MED LED spotlight set

PACT MED LED spotlight set

Photodynamic therapy of nail fungus - safe and gentle with light

Every 5th adult to 65 years and every 2nd over 65 years suffers from a nail fungus infection. PACT® heals nail fungus infections with the help of a photoactivatable dye and special light. The mushrooms are effectively killed. The application is completely painless and free of side effects. The special dye toluidine blue, a non-toxic dye (phenothiazine), micro-organisms are sensitive to the light of a particular wavelength and die in a short time. At an exposure time of a few minutes even stubborn nail fungi can be combated. The stronger the infestation, the more often and should the treatment be carried out. The dye is selectively excited with light of wavelength 630 nm, that it kills fungi through the formation of highly active oxygen (singlet oxygen) without being harmful to the skin. The excitation works with the specially developed PACT® MED LED spotlight, because the light intensity, the wavelength and the exposure time must be exactly matched to the dye gel in order to act accordingly


Phototherapy device for the treatment of fungal infections of foot and fingernails
Medical Device Class IIa (93/42 / EEC)
Wavelength 620-630 nm
LED power about 10 watts
Optical fiber: Replaceable glass fiber applicator Ø 10 mm (autoclavable at 134 ° C, do not clean in ultrasonic bath)
Power supply: Operating voltage 100-220 volts / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: L 50 x W 110 x H 160 mm, Weight: 350 g without tripod


Set includes:

1 x PACT® MED 220 V LED spotlight 
2 x glare protection attachment (attachable) 
1 x case 
1 x tripod

PACT MED LED spotlight set

SKU: 11105
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