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"TANGO" work chair, anthracite

"TANGO" work chair for chiropody & pedicure specialists 

Dynamic sitting using patented technology


Today's modern lifestyle is increasingly turning us into "sitting people", even though our body was designed for movement. It is therefore even more important to constantly move whilst you are seated. No more static sitting. "TANGO®" with ERGO TOP technology is much more than just a swivel chair: it is a training device for your back, which makes "dynamic sitting" possible. Ideally suited for professional Chiropodist or Nail & Beauty Salon technician's.



• Ergonomic sitting posture with ERGO TOP: the pelvis automatically tilts forwards, your posture remains upright, even without any contact with the backrest.

• The result with ERGO TOP: a strong, well trained back without any pain.

• Dynamic sitting in every direction: your intervertebral discs remain elastic and are constantly supplied with nutrients through slight movement.
• Patented ERGO TOP technology (all-round dynamic seating).
• It is possible to fix the ERGO TOP technology.
• Seat depth adjustment and suspension.
• Lateral spring resistance adjustment from 45 - 120 kg
• Point synchronous mechanism.
• Backrest can be easily adjusted in height by 7 cm over 7 levels.
• Easy rolling double castors Ø 65 mm for all flooring.
• Aluminium grey base.
• Fabrics are not glued.


"TANGO" work chair, anthracite

SKU: 22121
  • • Adjustable seat height using pneumatic spring
    • Seat height approx. 42 - 53 cm
    • Dynamic seat and backrest
    • Easy rolling double castors for all flooring

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